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Project Lifecycle:   We are with you every step of the way.

We strive to build a strong image for our community through interaction with commercial and industrial development.
Our expansion is throughout the South-East region having worked with several major clients.
We continue to become a universal leader in the construction industry throughout the United States.

Preliminary Design/

When Joiner Construction is asked to perform up-front planning for a customer, we gather our team of professional architects, engineers, project managers and others to define the requirements of the project.

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Detailed Design

Once the building’s design is refined, the Joiner Construction team develops construction documents that define the scope of work that is needed to execute the project.

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Once the scope of work has been established, Joiner Construction not only leverages our long list of pre-qualified subcontractors for competitive bidding, but we also prioritize the selection of local subcontractors within the surrounding community.

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The Joiner team is available to answer questions, provide advice and offer solutions to any issues that arise once the building keys are handed over to the customer.

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Joiner Construction Company Inc. prides itself in quality work and with over 75 years of combined experience
we have received a few awards over the years. We are proud of our accomplishments and our team!

  • Authorized Mesco Building Solutions Dealer

    Top Builders Awarded To Joiner Construction

    2009 Top Ten Builders Award

    2010 Top Twenty Builders Award

    2011 Top Twenty Builders Award

    2012 Top Twenty Builders Award

    2013 Top Twenty Builders Award

    2014 Top Twenty Builders Award


This letter is to thank Joiner Construction on the great job they performed at Minor Tire in Decatur, AL. Thank you again for a great job and LeonardDesign looks forward to working with Joiner Construction in the future.

I am not writing this letter because Joiner Construction asked me to, I am writing this letter because they have earned it. The concrete paving job was well done.


Great Job!

Thank you again for a great job and LeonardDesign looks forward to working with Joiner Construction in the future.

Future Partnership!

Thank you once again for the great job and I look forward to doing business with Joiner Construction in the future.

I Recommend Them!

Thank you once again for the great job, and I would recommend your company to anyone.


Joiner Construction has completed many types of projects which include government contracts, educational, medical, commercial,
industrial and several retail developments. We have also built and remodeled several churches.

Joiner Construction Company:   Building the Structure for Your Business.

The continual growth of our company is directly attributed to the competent, skilled, and quality people that we employ and strive to do business with.