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Project Timeline


    When Joiner Construction is asked to perform up-front planning for a customer, we gather our team of professional architects, engineers, project managers and others to define the requirements of the project. The goal of this very important first step is to identify the design parameters and/or constraints that ultimately lead to developing solutions so the project may proceed according to plan. Preliminary design services include: master planning, programming, space planning, feasibility studies, conceptual design, site analysis, existing facility evaluation, 3D studies.

    Establishing a feasible budget and project schedule is crucial to the success of any construction project. Joiner Construction offers expert pre-construction services, developing a budget and project schedule that maximizes the customer’s investment and offers a realistic picture of expected project completion. Pre-construction services include: hazard and risk analysis, project safety and quality assurance/quality control plan development, value engineering, scheduling, construction planning, budget development.


    Once the building’s design is refined, the Joiner team develops construction documents that define the scope of work that is needed to execute the project. This is the final step before any dirt is moved. Detailed design services include: BUILDING: permitting, architectural design, interior design, site/civil design, structural design, building mechanical and electrical design, fire protection design, PROCESS: process risk analysis, process flow diagram/piping and instrumentation diagram/utility flow diagram development, process layout, equipment and instrument procurement, piping design, electrical and instrumentation design, controls integration.


    Once the scope of work has been established, Gray not only leverages our long list of pre-qualified subcontractors for competitive bidding, but we also prioritize the selection of local subcontractors within the surrounding community. For us, “qualified” means a subcontractor has an excellent safety record, is financially stable and has relevant experience in the type of work needed. Then, it’s time to get to work. Our experienced project managers oversee all aspects of construction, ensuring the design parameters are being met and subcontractors are performing high quality work on time and within budget. Construction services include: PROJECT MANAGEMENT: estimating, scheduling, procurement, contract management, health, safety and environment management, quality assurance/quality control management, cost management, reporting. SITE MANAGEMENT: subcontractor and supplier coordination, Health, safety and environment control, Quality assurance/quality control, Schedule control, Security and access control. SELF-PERFORM SERVICES: concrete, steel erection, general trades.


    The Joiner team is available to answer questions, provide advice and offer solutions to any issues that arise once the building keys are handed over to the customer. We ensure equipment warranties are being met and our customers are well trained on preventive maintenance techniques to protect their investment. Aftercare services include: warranty enforcement, operations and maintenance support.

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